2015: The Biggest Transition Yet.

It’s always been strange to me how quickly a year can fly by. One minute we’re celebrating New Years with fireworks and the next we’re cooking turkeys and Christmas shopping. Growing up I was always told that the older we get the faster life goes by. Hearing that as a teenager I thought my parents were crazy, but now at 25 years old I couldn’t agree more.

Now that 2015 has almost come to an end, I’ve been doing a lot of reflection on the past 365 days. It’s almost baffling to see where I started this year and how far I’ve come in my journey. A year ago today I was in a serious relationship with someone I thought I would marry, working at a home health company, living in my hometown and constantly struggling to figure out my purpose in life. A year sure does change a person, but through all of my struggles I’ve undeniably grown.

My transition this year all started with a single breakup, the ending of a relationship I thought would last forever. This single event in my life brutally crushed me, but it also gave me the strength to take a leap of faith. After the heartache somewhat dulled and the tears stopped flowing from my eyes, I realized that moment would be the only opportunity I would ever have to chase my dreams. I had no kids, no husband, nothing keeping me in my hometown.

Once I realized there was nothing left for me at home, I decided to apply at Cook Children’s. I was doubtful because not only is Cook one of the most amazing pediatric hospitals in the country, but I had also been out of pediatric nursing for a while. The day I received a phone call to interview I nearly fainted, and to top it all off I was offered the job on the spot. I accepted the position and moved to Fort Worth less than a month later.

Moving to a new city was a whole new experience for me. Going from a tiny town of 600 people to a metropolitan city was like night and day, and I was overwhelmed to say the least. I had many days when I cried and wondered what I’d done. I had days where I just wanted to go to my parents’ house and hear them say it would be okay. Slowly but surely those days of uncertainty began to fade, and now I can honestly say I’m well adjusted.  The only downfall is the loneliness that creeps in every once in a while. However, moving was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

There are a lot of small details in between these life events I’ve listed that made 2015 a year of growth. I’ve continued my therapy and learned so much about managing my life with anxiety. I moved to an amazing apartment complex that I’ve really come to love. I still have my little sidekick Lambeau keeping me company. I’ve learned a whole new kind of independence from being hours away from my family. I’ve met people here that are completely different from my hometown, and I’ve opened my mind to just how diverse the world really is.

I’ve had plenty of positive things happen to me this year, but I’ve also experienced a lot of heartache as well. I’m a very emotional person, and I experience emotions on an extreme level. This year has brought pain, confusion and doubts. It’s taught me that not everyone is trustworthy. It’s shown me that the world can be a cruel place.

2015 saw some of my highest highs and lowest lows. It tested my belief in love to almost the point of no return. It tried multiple times to turn my harden my heart and drown me in my tears. Despite its greatest attempts, 2015 failed to break me.

Ultimately, 2015 made me a stronger less naive woman. It boosted my self confidence and ridded my life of many negativities that were lingering in the background. It opened my eyes to the good and the bad of humanity. It made me discover what I deserve and what I want out of life.

So as 2016 approaches, I hope you are able to reflect on the past year. During your reflection, I pray you are able to confront your demons and leave them behind. I hope you are able to take the things you’ve been through and use them as lessons for the coming year.

I hope you realize that despite the previous heartache, this is a year of new beginnings. This is a time full of hope. 2016 is filled with wonderful and endless opportunities, and I pray you will take advantage of every single one. Let’s make 2016 our best year yet! Happy New Year my friends. May God bless every one of you!


Myka Shantell 💋

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