Cut The Cord.

“Fools take a knife an stab people in the back. The wise take a knife, cut the cord, and set themselves free from the fools.” – Anonymous

December 22, 2015 was an important day this year. It was the day of Winter Solstice which marked the longest night and shortest day of this present year. Now I’ve never really been one to get into “Earthy” rituals, but my therapist has been introducing me to different practices from different religions and beliefs.

One of the events we discussed was the Winter Solstice. These unique new practices have really inspired me to be open about how I walk through this journey in life.

With that all being said, one of the main points of my last therapy session was to figure out what I needed to leave in 2015 and what I needed to focus on in the new year. The past year has been such an overwhelming transition for me, and it’s almost unreal to think about where I started. I’ve come so far, but I still have such a long way to go.

The first step in preparing for 2016 was ridding my life of any residual negativity I’d buried deep inside. There were only a couple adverse topics that continued to secretly consume my soul despite my progress. Almost all of those topics had to do with past relationships/friendships that dwindled in 2015, and one had to do with self forgiveness.

So as a challenge, my therapist told me to finally “cut the cord” to all the things holding me back from making 2016 my happiest and most successful year yet. She told me to pick out a balloon, tape on a picture of the things that were weighing me down, grab a pair of scissors, and literally cut the string.

Now at first I thought it seemed somewhat crazy. How could cutting a balloon cord really release all of these harmful feelings? How could such a ridiculous and strange action clear all the things that hurt me so deep this year? Despite my doubts I went to the store, bought a balloon, printed out a picture, and taped it on.

I decided to complete my mission on December 22nd (the Winter Solstice) because it seemed like extremely perfect timing from Mother Nature. I just couldn’t write it off as coincidence.

Winter Solstice is about a new beginning. It’s about the increasing sunlight coming into our lives, and the darkness slowly fading away. That seemed like a perfect sign to me. The whole point of this “cut the cord” ceremony was to release the darkness and let in the light, the hope of a new year.

Once my balloon was completely ready to go, I grabbed my camera to take pictures (per my therapist’s request). Even walking outside with a smiley face balloon made me feel like a lunatic, but the process had worked so far so why question it now?

Before I placed my scissors to the cord, I took a moment to close my eyes and think of what all this truly meant. I thought about all the pain, agony, and heartbreak this certain thing in the picture had caused me over the past few years.

I thought about all the times my heart was ripped from my chest and stomped on the ground by this one single component of my life. It almost brought me to tears thinking of how this one thing had influenced an entire year of my life.

As I opened my eyes, I placed the scissors to the ribbon of the balloon (I had chosen a smiley face balloon to represent the “happiness” I thought I felt with this person). I took a deep breath, looked at the picture one more time and finally cut the cord.

As I watched the balloon drift into the beautiful blue sky, the biggest weight was lifted off my shoulders. It felt like I could finally breath again, like everything was going to be alright, like 2016 would now officially be a year to start over. I’ve never had a better feeling.

So once again I must admit my therapist was right. She challenged me to do something that was completely out of my comfort zone, something I would’ve never done without her.

I now actually plan on doing this tradition at the end of each year. By cutting that string, I cut all my ties to the negativity that had been looming in my life. That small crazy ceremony changed me.

I pray if there is something or someone in your life that is causing you misery, pain, and heartache that you find the strength to cut the cord. It can be a scary simply because you are finally letting go of something that once meant so much.

It’s okay to be scared, it’s okay to feel unsure, and it’s okay to think cutting a string won’t help you. However I challenge you to give it a chance, just try and see what you can gain from it. Pick out the balloon that represents your feelings toward this particular someone or something (red for anger, purple because it was both of your favorite color, ect), place a picture of that something or someone, and cut the cord.

Let the woes of 2015 drift away with the winter breeze and take a good deep breath. You will finally realize you’ve been crushed by the weight of this negativity for far too long. Cut the cord and let go of the darkness so 2016 can bring a brighter, happier version of the beautiful you.


Myka Shantell💋

(P.S – The featured picture at the beginning of this entry is my actual “cut the cord” ceremony picture.)




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