Our Lives Are Like The Skies.

It’s amazing to me how similar our lives are to the sky. This is a poem I wrote in 2009, and I find it ironic with how much it relates to my new journey.

“Our lives are like the brilliant skies, ever-changing scenes
The colors and the substances show which emotion beams

In times that we are happy and joy is shining through
One sees no clouds or coverage, only baby blue

When lives begin to crumble, the weight too much to bear
The sky is painted dark and grey, clouds hang up in the air

When lives encounter chaos I’m reminded of the dawn
Day and night cannot decide who’s come and who has gone

When lives have finally shattered, broke and beaten down
Mother Nature’s vicious storms and raindrops fill the ground

When renewal and beginnings fill a person’s life
I’m reminded of the graceful dusk, bringing hope to strife

When abuse and hurt and trauma consume one’s broken soul
The wind blows in, the hail beats down so hurt and pain will show

Through all the storms and violence, and rain and dark grey skies
Through all the pain and hurt and tears, the sadness and the lies

There is the shining rainbow with its colors bold and bright
Reminding all the broke souls that it will be alright”

Myka Shantell💋

© 2009

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